I’m the sort of person who will save a list of “must have items” for months and months, checking for all of the best discounts, arranging and re-arranging color schemes and my current favorite accent pieces… This hits the mark on more than half of that list. So, after stumbling across this picture, I had to post it.

The most difficult place for me to start when re-decorating my home is settling on the color palet. Every Interior Designer can agree that design is very much fashion forward, and we all know that fashion is constantly changing. I dress according to my current mood, and I design according to my current mood. And, admittedly, this is a horrible thing to do… if it isn’t done correctly.

Whenever I start to look at a sofa in the latest “it” color, or begin to think about choosing a bed frame in a bright color family, I remind myself that these pieces are something that I will want in my home for quite some time. The color scheme in your space is something that should be easy to change. Throw some new accent pillows on your sofa, switch up the art when you feel like you need something different, or buy a new area rug. But buying a new sofa isn’t something that can be done quite as easily.

So, while I absolutely love this photo, I’m just not sure if buying big olive green chairs is the smartest choice. Yes, they are beautiful. Olive green is a beautiful choice, the tufting always adds an instant “elegance”, and most importantly, they look incredibly comfortable. But you can almost guarantee that they weren’t cheap, and if they were to decide at any point that they wanted to make some changes in their design, this would be a hard color palette to work with.

Fur is huge in the fashion world, and while walking down the streets in New York (or looking in my closet) I see a variety of fur coats, vests, shirts… on everything. This fur rug is a great choice for this space (although I would recommend a faux fur rug. Cut your cost in half, and ease your guilty conscience). Paired with the glass table and the glass vases is simple and chic. And easy to work with.


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