Make your small space feel LARGER

Living in a tiny space is a common problem for every Urban individual, and it can be a challenge to find the right furniture that will utilize all of your space while maintaining a modern appearance. Luckily for us, there are many solutions to this problem…

1. Unify the color in your space: Choose an area rug to match your walls! Stripes are a particular favorite for the smallest spaces because they give your space an instant visual depth that you won’t get with a patterned or solid rug. Choose a stripe with a pop of color if you’d like, but the white or cream stripes will help to keep the colors unified.



2. Choose transparent furniture: You   can buy just about anything these days in an acrylic or glass finish. Pick a glass coffee tableside tablesacrylic nesting tablesdining chairs… there are endless options, all of which will make your furniture visually less bulky while maintaining practicality. And a commonly known visual trick is to lean a large mirror against one wall, making your space look deeper. Pick furniture with thin stainless steel or wood legs to take the weight out of the furniture, making your small space instantly feel larger.

3. Utilize ALL of your space (while keeping the clutter off of the floor): It’s always a good idea when you have a small space to use your walls as much as you can. With the Gus Modern Picture Rails, you can move items around as often as you like while keeping a clean and modern appearance. Display your favorite artwork, plants, books… you name it. While you’re at it, it’s always a good idea when living in a small space to try and keep as much clutter off of the floors as humanly possible. Hang planters from the ceiling or the walls and put unnecessary clutter back in your closets or on some shelves.



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