DIY Monday

Stumbled across this beauty today. What an amazing idea! I’ve been eying planters for quite some time, trying to find the ones that really grab my attention. The Boskke Planters are beautiful, but a bit pricey (not horribly expensive, but they range from $25-$75, not including the ceiling/wall extensions), and I’m a bit cheap. This is also the sort of thing that looks best when clumped together in multiples, so the Boskke Planters would probably come to +$200 (give or take) by the time I was done. I’m a college student, so naturally, putting that much money into some planters isn’t on the top of my priorities list… But this is an awesome solution to my little dilemma. Pair some standard bulbs together, or mix in some globe bulbs in different sizes for some added variety. Put it in a lonely corner, line them up along a bare wall… Et voilà! Unique and cheap, just my style.


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