Gazelle from Anthropologie – Made from old French Literature… DIY or buy it?

The beautiful Savannah Story Bust Gazelle from Anthropologie has been on my back burner for quite awhile now. I consider myself to be a reasonably crafty person, so when I see something like this for $70, I can’t help but think that I could easily make it myself (whether or not I can actually do this easily is something that’s usually discovered after the fact…  to be a bit of a stretch) We’ve all done paper mache projects as a kid, and after doing some poking around on google, it looks like I am not the first one to come to this particular realization.

I quickly came across this post by another blogger who actually gave this little project a go, and gave some step by step instructions. And while she has some great advice, and I (like everyone else, I’m sure) love to see the step by step instructions and pictures, my favorite features about this Gazelle is the French literature covering it, and the beaded eyes. I think covering the piece in painted details should be done very minimally, and it’s best to try and keep the literature going in 1 direction, vs. having little pieces going every which way… this is such a lovely piece, and if I could just get my boyfriend to agree with me, this would be up on the wall in no time.      

And, to make this little beauty even better, the writer of the Retropolitan blog mentioned that she spent $10 on her project. Consider it done.


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