DIY Monday

So many DIY projects, so little time. These few, however, require little to no time at all.

Take some old scrabble pieces and wood glue, put a thin line between each piece, and let them dry. Voila! Some eclectic last-minute coasters.

If you have a bare wall that you’d like to spice up a bit, take a piece of plywood and some chalkboard paint (black matte paint will do the trick, too), write some phrases or draw a picture with chalk… and hang it or lean it up against the wall for a little additional character. Cover a full wall or use it as a piece of art. Either way, you can make changes whenever you’d like without spending a penny or throwing anything out, and you’ll never get sick of it.

The last I just discovered today (I’m not sure if this is new or if I’m a bit behind) and thought it was really a great and unique idea. Take some nails, and create a phrase or image with them in your wall (I would personally use a piece of painted ply-wood, as I would really like to see my deposit again), take some yarn, and wrap it around the nails. Whether you choose yarn with the

same color, different colors, zig zags or simply place it around the nails to create an outline for the words, the turnout is really fantastic. You can see another great example at this link, where the person chose to do a portrait. Simple, lovely… and easy. Sounds good to me.


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