Introducing Normann-Copenhagen; Sleek, unique, and classic.


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We love these Bright Beads by Marz Designs! You can choose from countless variations, and all of these beads are unique and hand-made. And we’re really hoping to start carrying them at Urban Living, so check back with us soon!


ImageWe’re thrilled to introduce our latest and greatest, Muuto, to Urban Living! Muuto strives to expand Scandinavian design with new and original perspectives by introducing unique forms, rich colors, and hand-carved detailing throughout their collection. In fact, the name Muuto, inspired by the Finnish word muutos, means new perspective. Muuto handpicks the best design talent in Scandinavia, and we are one of the only companies who carries them in the United States! Stop by our store to checkout the rest of their line.

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In Light of the Holiday…

picturesHappy St. Patricks Day! We hope that you are all out enjoying green beer/participating in various St. Patty’s day events. Here are some of our favorite green designs, some from us and some from companies we don’t know yet (but hopefully will, one-of-these-days).

1. Bulb Pendent by Ameico Lighting ($175). Yes, yes, the first product on the list is the only one we carry in this picture. They’re pretty great though, so it seems justified. I’d group these together in a line over the coffee table. Simple enough. But the outer glass shell adds a unique twist, and it comes in a Mega Bulb ($285), too.

2. Urbio. These ones are hard to price, they start at $75 for a small package, or you can buy all of the pieces separately and kind of make shift your own. The coolest part about these? You can buy larger planters, small planters, all in various sizes and shapes, and they can be moved around on the magnetic pallets. So add tons of plants (or dont), but they look pretty cool on a large wall. I myself have some on my roof, and I love em.

3. TeleTable Glass Occasional Tables by Umbra ($70). Cheap, and will definitely modern-up your space a bit. We love this with the slab coffee table and modern decor.

4. Acacia Slab Coffee Table ($1000). Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information about this table, but it’s beautiful, and really ties this design together.   

5. &  6. We layered these rugs together to bring a little pattern and texture in. The Contempo Trellis Rug by Nuloom brings in some pattern, while the Flokati Rug by Safavieh is a shag-style rug made entirely of leather strips. The color in the Flokati rug is similar to the beige color in the Trellis rug, keeping the layered effect from being too jarring.

     7. Teak Chairs/Bench by Robert Tiffany. What we (really, really) love about these chairs are the variations available. Put a pair of them on one side and a bench on the other, just a few chairs, just a bench, whatever.

8. Last but not least, the Light Green Sofa by Cassina. We chose a down-filled sofa for a comfier loft-type feel. The great thing about these cushy sofas is they can easily be moderned-up or moderned-down (if you will), and are so versatile, they’ll fit in anywhere. Maybe this green one wont, but you get what I mean.

Harriet Anstruther’s bright and modern 1840s London town house


I love the florescent cabinets, and the idea that they can also be hidden when the side bar isn’t being used. If there was space, I’d hide it behind a pocket door.

Antiques Mixed with Modern.


There’s just something about antiques and modern furniture put together. It gives your apartment that one-of-a-kind feel, without making it look too old and out dated.


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I love these Match Co. pillows by Koko, these Indian matchbook inspired prints are fun and eclectic, and are unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. Koko Company travels the world, focusing on giving their products the best one-of-a-kind designs for your modern  decor.

VINYL Area rugs

Design your space with Koko Company’s throws, bed linens, accent pillows, and outdoor/indoor rugs. These products and their eye-catching designs and elegant bold styles will be sure to give your bedroom that modern day feel you’ve been looking for! Koko Company is known for their saturated color and detailed natural fiber fabrics that will provide great quality for many years to come. And they’re environmentally friendly, too.